White Chocolate - velvety white wedding cake with a touch of white chocolate that pairs luciously well with a sweet raspberry filling

Vanilla Bean - moist and melt in your mouth white cake with creamy vanilla bean flavor

Chocolate Fudge - rich and moist a chocolate lovers dream add chocolate ganache and it is to die for

Yellow - light and sweet made with whole fresh egg yolks giving it the hue of yellow that pairs well with vanilla or rich chocolate buttercream

Marble - a swirled combination of yellow and rich chocolate fudge cake

Strawberry Patch - sweet and moist with bits of strawberries surely a Southerner's favorite

Citrus Lemon - light and tart lemony flavor that is delicious with raspberry or strawberry filling as well as lemon buttercream

Orange Dreamsicle - freshly baked orange cake layers filled with creamy orange buttercream

Old Fashioned Spice - so incredibly aromatic with a mixture of spices such as cinnamon, brown sugar, ginger, clove and nutmeg, fill it with apple cinnamon buttercream and you will find it is hard to resist

Pink Velvet - dainty and sweet, perfect for little girls and big girls birthdays, baby showers and bridal showers


Homestyle Carrot - made with freshly graded carrots, pineapple, pecans and a mixture of spices to make it a favorite by many

Italian Cream - classic creamy white cake with rich vanilla flavor, toasted pecans and fresh coconut

Red Velvet - traditional velvety red chocolate cake

Banana Walnut Swirl- dense cake made with fresh ripe bananas, walnuts and a buttery cinnamon, brown sugar swirl

Coconut Cream - snowy white cake made with freshly flaked coconut and a hint of rum

Pink Champagne - elegant white cake mixed with bubbly pink champagne perfect for most any celebration

Buttercream - rich and smooth,  made with the best butter, not overly sweet and the flavors are endless.  Angela's specialty is getting her buttercream ultra smooth so much so many mistake it for fondant

Fondant - an icing that is extremely versatile, that has the consistency of pie dough that it can be rolled out ultra smooth and placed over a buttercream iced cake. 




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