Nothing can be more spectacular than a cake that is adorned with sugar flowers. Your guests will be absolutely amazed how realistic these hand crafted flowers look!

A specialty by Designer Cakes by Angela these sugar flowers will no doubt WOW your guests with their beauty. Each flower is painstakingly constructed petal by petal by hand with a great deal of skill and patience.

Brides preserve the sugar flowers from the top of their wedding cakes by placing them under a dome which allows them to be a keepsake for many years to come.

Most people don't think about the pesticides that have been sprayed on garden flowers when they are planning the design of their wedding cakes. Sugar flowers are completely edible with the exception of the wires they are made with.

Another big advantage with sugar flowers is you can custom color all your flowers. You may have a difficult time ordering a particular color of a flower especially during certain times of the year. Also many flowers tend to wilt quickly after being cut such as hydrangeas.

So let Designer Cakes by Angela give you a custom quote on a beautiful adornment of flowers for your cake . Your guests won't believe it!

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